Investing in property for the long term

Clearly many property investors fail to achieve the financial freedom they desire so the answer is not to do what the majority of property investors do, and instead invest strategically like that small group of successful investors do. 

At RE/MAX Xtra we understand the importance of making informed decisions about property investments. RE/MAX Xtra operates independently having no interest to any specific property developers ensuring we are client focus and not vendor driven. We provide a complete end to end service helping people like you to make an informed commercial decision. 

A wealth success mindset 

This is the most important layer because it is the foundation for your wealth. Your wealth success mindset must consist of your beliefs, your positive thoughts and your actions in regards to money and wealth. 

Skills and knowledge 

Most of us are not taught how to invest, but finding the right mentors will speed up your journey. Knowledge is POWER.

The correct property investment strategy 

Many investors fail because they have no strategy in place. They lack a thorough understanding of the basic property investment concept. 

Risk management 

Strategic property investors protects their assets by owning them in the right ownership structures, having sufficient financial buffers in place to buy themselves time through the ups and downs of the property cycle and surrounding themselves with a professional team of advisers. 

Cash flow 

It’s essential to invest for capital growth, we must recognise the importance of cash flow management through rental returns and financial buffers. While capital growth gets you out of the rat race, it’s really cash flow it keeps you in the game till you’re ready to get out. 

Asset growth 

This is really the aim of the game – to build a sufficiently large asset base that will one day give you sufficient cash flow to replace your personal exertion income so that you can go to work because you choose to not because you have to. 

The team at RE/MAX Xtra is committed to providing you and your family with achievable strategies to reduce your tax, pay off your home sooner and create wealth for a comfortable retirement. By assessing your financial situation we are able to provide you with comprehensive and tailored recommendations to meet your individual financial goals.


Mortgage Reduction Strategies

Pay off your home loan quickly

Debt Consolidation

Reduce your monthly commitments and improve your cash flow.

Tax Minimisation Strategies

Learn effective strategies to legally reduce your tax liability

Personal Wealth Creation

Meet your retirement income goal and lifestyle requirements.


Take control of your superannuation and improve your retirement savings.

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