RE/MAX Xtra Project Marketing is dedicated to the professional marketing, promotion and sales of new homes, townhouses, apartments and units in and around our City of Parramatta.

"Primarily we are about matching buyers with high quality, brand new properties, where owners and investors can blend a central lifestyle, with the benefits of owning a brand new home. We are about listening carefully to a buyers lifestyle and property needs, and sourcing the best available home to match the buyer wish-list." says Melissa Short Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Xtra Project Marketing.

"Further, we are about working with small and medium scale developers and builders in providing specific advice with regard to upcoming opportunities for renewal and development, plus providing specialist advice on design and aspect, to best meet the requirements of our buyer demographics." says Melissa.

Melissa has had a wealth of experience in Project Marketing having worked with some of Sydney's best known developers since the mid 1980's. Her experience in this field and her hands on no nonsense approach provides xtra insights for both developers and buyers alike.